We, strongly believe that the future activities that each of us is undertaking, and how we act in our environment.

And we chose to act in two directions which we consider the most important for our future: to give young people the opportunity to affirm its personality and to promote sport as a lifestyle all with the common denominator for lifelong learning.
We believe in the idea of ​​partnership and work well done, we belive in experiential education and we have created and preserved values in nay society.

If you share these beliefs will join us.

UPCOMING EVENTS                                                                                                     

Training session for Preparator  Sports in Bucharest.




Sports instructor course specializing in sports fields chosen in Bucharest.


Session sports instructor training course for all disciplines in Bucharest.

06 NOV
03 NOV

Bucuresti Pta Walter Maracineanu 1-3, camera 24-26, sector 1

E-mail: office@crsse.ro

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14 july 2017

Sports instructors are graduates complete new series of the course conducted by CRSSE in Bucharest.

25 march 2017

The new Series of Sports Instructors has successfully completed the specialized course in Bucharest.

14 noiembrie 2016

A new series of sports instructor graduated Center in Bucharest.

05 Noiembrie 2016

Second year of School coaches in Iasi Regional Centre began courses.

09 NOV

Specialized training session in Bucharest physical coach.

Decembrie 2016

CRSSE is preparing to launch a regional center of Bistrita, the latest from our list.

17 NOV

Romanian coach - first event dedicated coaches in Romania, in Iasi organized by the CRSSE.

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