Welcome speech of  the President CRSSE,


       Romanian Headquarters for Sport Education, is a non-governmental association, created  in 2011, mainly aimed at supporting the active involvement of practitioners and supporters from different branches of sport in all fields of social life, growth initiative spirit, solidarity and entrepreneurship their organizing seminars, debates, training courses, study visits and any other social activities.


      To accomplish these goals, CRSSE has proposed to become a trusted partner of all organizations and institutions in sports, training of professionals in educating and training all this by:

  • supporting state institutions in their endeavors to improve the conditions of study and training of young people;

  • selecting the most talented, serious and educational facets of practitioners from different sport branches nationwide in preparing and training future trainers and coaches within public authorities and institutions, firms and private organizations etc.;

  • the establishment and management of centers and units specialized education and training, create courses and study manuals in accordance with law.


      Doru Drago​mir

Our vision

The project C.R.S.S.E. he started out of passion.

Passion for sport intertwined with passion for professional training team created CRSSE. Our vision is that romanian sports performance to climb stairs again  and for this we want to help create a structure of professionals who use the maximum natural resources of our population through the application of new forms of research and experience-based training.

Hystori activities

C.R.S.S.E.its formation was the only private provider authorized by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare and Ministry of Education  in adult training for Sports Instructor and Physical preparers.

During the 4 years of activity we have crossed the threshold over 300 students, Instructors at Specializations athletes in different sports and physical preparers.

Since 2015 CRSSE was authorized to launch courses center for the formation of coaches for all sports specialties.

© 2015 Centrul Roman de Studii Sportiv Educationale 

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